International Women’s Day 2019

Check out photos and videos from International Women’s Day 2019.

Highlights of Keynote Address given by Dr Nkeiru Onuekwusi:

Titled “Emerging from an unbalanced world”, she addressed broadly how wide the gender gap is, how long it will take to narrow the gap, and what is needed to be done to ensure balance.

–    Women earn 23% less than men, even when doing the same work as men.

–    The pay gap will close in 2086 if the current trend continues.

–    Women in leadership; in Nigeria’s political sector there are just 5% of women compared to 94+% in the Nigerian parliament {National Assembly}

–    Women do 75% of unpaid work at home, 25% only is done by men. Women raise children who become the workforce of the nation, thus making a valuable (unrecognized &unrewarded) contribution to the GDP.

–    The Child’s right act (which includes putting the age of marriage at 18 years) is not domesticated in most States leaving young females vulnerable to early marriages that usually truncates their education contributing the wide gap in illiteracy among Nigerian women.

–    Women have to be in places and positions where decisions concerning them are being made.

–    Your knowledge and skill do not matter, your network is what matters.

–    Message for Government: enact laws that enable a better environment for women to emerge as adequately remunerated, productive members of society.

–    When women are in Board meetings, decisions reached are more efficient.

PANEL SESSION: “Q&A” [Moderator: Susan Eshett, Panelists: Barbara Okereke, Hilda Awomolo, Busayo Oladiran, Blessing Ebere Achu]


Women have been building for a long time, but now on need to build better by leveraging collaboration; be open to learning to do things differently and innovate.

It starts from the parents, learn the value of educating the girl child; show a great example, let your girl child learn resourcefulness from you –encourage them to start little businesses, be ready for change. Build their mindset to be able to think they can achieve anything.

We need to teach our children to fight for opportunities, be resilient and ask for access! Build inclusion into society, leverage technology and the internet.

Encourage our daughters to go and study technology {hardware and software}, leverage the internet e.g. the She leads Africa platform provides useful content – Ensure prosecution and punishment for crimes against girl children – Train men (while they are your sons) to respect women.

Moderator, Susan Eshett concluded by saying that legal backing and framework is required, more women needed urgently in leadership, governance and politics where these decisions are made, collaboration and partnerships will be key.

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