National Thought Leadership and Think Tank Initiative

CVL National Thought Leadership and Think Tank Initiative is a research based and policy advocacy project with a long-term objective of critically influencing social advocacy and social politics through proven research results, and social thought leadership engagement. Our aim is to consistently use objective, high quality research tools to develop and recommend policies that lead to more equitable, right-based, and prosperous Nigeria. Our specific objectives are to:

  • Support a group of promising think tanks and assist them to maintain effective strategies to improve social, economic, and political performance of policymakers, and monitor progress made in that direction.
  • Provide a combination of core professionals’ opinion and social/public sector thought leadership collaboration, to further develop capacity of think tanks, both individually and collectively with the ultimate aim of achieving improvements in government performance, research quality, and policy engagement.
  • Facilitate and share thought leadership learning, ensuring advocacy strategies for defining, building and managing successful, sustainable national think tanks with a wide range of interested stakeholders with a focus to strengthen policy research and support for national economic, social, and political development in Nigeria.