Women and Youth Empowerment Programmes

Women and Youth Empowerment Programmes include:

 Widow Support Initiative

The Widow Support Centre is a programme initiated in 1992 by Prof Pat Utomi to support the widows in alleviating the burden and challenges they face in the society owing to the demise of their husbands. WSC also plays advocacy role in trying to address some social injustices against widows through citizen education programmes, challenging specific cases of injustices in the law courts and seeking legislative agenda that can result in a system that is more sensitive to the plight of the widows.

 Young Entrepreneurship Training Programme (YETP)

CVL Young Entrepreneurship Training Progamme (YETP) is a 12-months youth entrepreneurship development programme initiated for young people who are into business or have intention to own and run a sustainable enterprise who are between the ages of 18 – 35 years; to provide them with business solutions and support (technical, business information, start-ups, and access to financial links).

The main features of the YETP Programme are:

  • Mentoring:
  • Business Training/Capacity Building:
  • Building CVL Entrepreneurship Network and Financial Links: To provide member-based financial services such as links to Bank of Industry (BoI), Bank of Agriculture (BoA), SMEDAN, and other Micro-finance Banks;