Young Entrepreneurship Training Programme (YETP)



Combating Youth Unemployment And Violent Extremism In Nigeria Through Youth Entrepreneurship

Nigeria’s economic situation is in “its worst possible time”, according to Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun. Millions of youths are indeed in critical economic conditions as recession continue to bite harder and unemployment rate increasing on a daily basis.  The National Bureau of Statistics has reported that the country’s unemployment rate has risen from 12.1% in the first quarter of 2016 to 13.3% as at the end of the second quarter. In the report, the bureau said the number of people that were unemployed or underemployed increased from 24.4 million as at the end of the first quarter to 26.06 million persons in the second quarter of 2016.

With glaring economic hardship, young people have become very restive and extremely violent in conduct at the slightest provocation. Recent happenings in many parts of Nigeria – Niger Delta, North East, Lagos, Kaduna, Kano and Katsina are clear indicators of violent extremism by young people. As youth unemployment continue to rise, kidnapping, armed robbery, and terrorism are entrenching themselves in the lives of restless youths who become both perpetrators and victims.

Consequently, unemployment, economic hardship, poverty, drug-taking, and other crimes become the order of the day among these youths living in shanty slums. Bad friends and peer influence further lead to escalation of youth involvement in criminal activities such as kidnapping, drug trafficking, illegal fuel bunkering, cultism, political thuggery, 419, child-prostitution, gambling, and human-trafficking. We believe that with the current economic situation, a more rapid and result-oriented approach to poverty alleviation must be applied to empower youths living in slums in Nigeria.

CVL (Centre for Values in Leadership) initiated a youth entrepreneurship, agro-processing and vocational skills acquisition programme that offers sustainable livelihood support and employment opportunities for youths in Nigeria over a 12 months period under the CVL Young Entrepreneurship Training Programme (YETP) – a national youth intervention programme. To be part of this youth empowerment scheme, the applicant must be a resident of the selected community and must be within the age brackets (18-to-40 inclusive). An applicant with a minimum of School Certificate or ability to read and write may be considered.

Project Purpose:

The main goal of this project is to combat violent extremism and youth unemployment through youth entrepreneurship, agriculture, and Information, Communication and Technological engagement with the youths in Nigeria.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Within 12 months enhance entrepreneurship skills of young people through entrepreneurship training, mentoring, and business internship.
  2. Within 12 months empower young entrepreneurs with start-up capitals to enable them establish, run and manage sustainable enterprises.
  3. Increase access to financial support for young people, through linkages to investors, credit banks, and other micro-finance houses for start-up capital and business growth/expansion purpose.
  4. Within 12 months, reduce youth restiveness and unemployment by creating job opportunities for young people.

The innovative idea of the young entrepreneur must come from one of the following sectors:

  1. Agriculture-Agro-processing, Fish Farming, piggery, poultry, etc.
  2. Creative Economy (Fashion, Photography, Creative Arts, Music and Film Entertainment)
  3. Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  4. Retail Trading (Buying and Selling, Agentship, broker, commission agent, etc.)

Strategic Approach:

  1. Self-Mastery/Leadership/Role Modelling
  2. Entrepreneurship Training
  3. Technical/Vocational Skills Acquisition
  4. Business Mentoring/Apprenticeship/Internship
  5. Technical Support (Business Plan Writing, Business Registration, etc.)
  6. Financial Support (Start-ups, Grants, Loans, & Growth Support)

Interested young people in the selected community must undergo the following


  1. Business and Entrepreneurship Training: The participants are enrolled for the 3month intensive training. The training will hold two or three times a week, totaling 16 or 24 days with a duration of 8hours each day. At the training, participants will be equipped with various business skills ranging from generating business ideas, feasibility study, writing business plans, to customer service, basic finance tools, personal development etc.
  2. Practical Internship with Business Mentors: After completing the 3-months entrepreneurship training, participants will be grouped/paired with business mentors in the same line of business for 3 months.
  3. Graduation/Allocation/Distribution of Start-up Capital: At the end of the 3months business mentorship, participants will be issued certificate of participation in entrepreneurship development. Each qualified participant will receive his/her start-up kits and/or cheque to start a new business or expand existing one.

Expected Results:

At the end of the project we expect the following result:

  1. Increased entrepreneurship skills for youths to enhance their ability to engage in sustainable self-employed businesses
  2. Increase access to financial partners through links to BOI, Heritage Bank, Sterling Bank, Fidelity Bank, etc. for single digit interest loan from the intervention funds.
  3. Youths are mentored and guided not only in business approach but also in leadership, community engagement and public conduct
  4. Reduced unemployment, violent and criminal activities youths are gainfully employed in enterprise development and now see themselves as role models worthy of emulation by other youths having now secured a sustainable means of livelihood.


Lagos State

Delta State

Adamawa State

Anambra State

Kano State

Kwara State


Project will be 100% delivered by CVL in partnership with other partners.

For further information on the project, please contact:  James E. Ebube on 0814 628 6645;; Modestus Nwaulu on: 08034746919,;

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    1. I have always love to engage myself with one of your training doing it on my own is difficult seeing your offer gives me joy. if this is the only thing I will achieve this year am greatful please and please can I be a part of this?

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  7. That is good and interested. we have entrepreneurship center at Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education Kano purposely established to engage such kind of youth with entrepreneurial skills that can enable them to be selves-employee but the major issue is asses to CAPITAL for the start up new ventures. the center graduated over four thousands students in every year.
    Am very happy with your effort and wish to assist such youth in our center, please.

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    I intend going into Fashion Design but i’ve been trying to gather fund which i’m still in the struggle for.

    I’m very sure this training would be of huge benefit to me because i’ve been looking out for such opportunity ever since.
    I hope i would be privileged to be a part of this.

    Thanks and God bless the organizers of this great and life changing program.

  16. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. I would like to be a part of this empower program. I do like to go into fish production in Delta State.

  17. I for this rare opportunity. I would like to be a part of this empowerment program. I love fashion designing and will be glad if I can benefit from this program
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  23. sir i will like to be part of the upcoming entrepreneurship training i will be so glad if my request is been granted. My name is Damilola, I based in Lagos. 09090626897

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    I shall b grateful if u assist me.

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    Please, when is your next training coming up!? I am very much interested.

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    I read about this program and sincerely I must say I was delighted . Please I request to be part of it in the ICT section . Thank you

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  37. Why is it that you did not have you branch in ondo state, we are one Nigerian it should cut across all the can ondo youth be part of this programme

  38. How can I be part of this wonderful opportunity. I want to participate am from Delta State.
    Please I want to be involved and tell my story too.

  39. Goodevening. Pls i dont no if the YETP is still on.
    If it is please, I would be grateful if am opportune to be among the beneficiaries., here is my contact: 08063223708

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  46. How can I affiliate my school of Entrepreneurship in ganye local govt Adamawa state known as JEPT School of Entrepreneurship ganye

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  49. Am interested
    I am a teacher. I would really value any training that can change my life for better.

    1. Am interested
      I am a teacher. I would really value any training that can change my life for better.

  50. A great opportunity for serious Nigerian youths indeed,
    I’ll really be grateful to be part of this great training programme in the area of website design and development,
    How can I get to register please.

  51. It will be my pleasure to be part of these training, i saw a lot that am interested to fix myself which I have value for, business, buying and selling, farming like snails and others I could get involved, fashion, Film entertainment so many others. We need to get to one to get to another. I just cannot thank you all enough indeed there are lots of upcoming leadership but due to lack of finances but we know that God never fail. Once again am so honored to be part of these wonderful testimony, God bless you all.

  52. I want to be part of this laudable project. To be trained and empowered which will translate to employment and job creation. My desire is to see myself among the beneficiary and at the end of the program I could add value to myself and the society at large

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    I want to learn more on how to manage
    Pls my whatapp 08033929936
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