Role Model Forum

The “ROLE MODEL FORUM”, is a CVL interactive programme where an individual who has achieved remarkable success in his/her field of endeavour shares his/her life experience(s) that the participants can relate to.  It is a mentoring program where the Role Model shares how he overcame challenges while upholding the right values and ethics. The participants will then ask questions and share similar personal experiences and lessons learnt.

Goals and Outcomes of Role Model Forum (RMF)
The goal of the Role Model Forum is to re-orientate our youths through values transmission, inspiration, mentoring, and leadership skills development to enable them become achievers and good leaders in their future endeavours (Governance, entrepreneurship, private sector, leadership, civil society, Management, etc.).

Specific Objectives
• To empower young people with value-driven leadership skills.
• To enhance the business planning, entrepreneurship, and managerial skills of young professionals and managers through inspiration, mentoring, and values reorientation.
• To improve the capacity of young people to effectively start, run and manage successful businesses in a sustainable manner.
• To enhance behavioral change in young professionals and managers through values-reorientation.
• To reduce corrupt associated with bad leadership.

RMF is open for sponsorship and partnership. For more details, contact: