Training Institute

The CVL Training Institute carries out trainings that focus primarily on the soft skills of leadership and values that give meaning and resonance to the soft skills of Accounting, Human Resource, Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Operation Management etc. The centre trains Students, Entrepreneurs, Graduates, Young Professionals, Young Managers and Senior Managers. They also have programmes for senior executives/CEOs.

  • Open Short Term Certificated Courses

These courses are two to three days training courses that will teach practical management, leadership and entrepreneurship modules to new recruits, young employees and middle level managers.

  • Long term certificated courses

These are courses that run for between three weeks to 6months. They can either be residential or non-residential.

  • Executive Leadership Consultancy

CVL offers professional executive leadership advice to government, corporate bodies and individuals. We help in strengthening organisation’s corporate governance and instill in them the culture of excellence through the CVL Executive Leadership Consultancy. This can be through one-on-one coaching or as a group. This programme helps an executive to learn new ways of doing things in other to meet up with current trend.

  • Corporate Renewal Retreats

CVL runs a well packaged corporate organizational renewal retreats, seminars and conferences. These programmes are designed to build shared values, shared commitments and create synergy that will raise the performance game in every participating organization.

  • Induction for New Employees
  • CVL Leadership Mill
  • Implant Corporate Trainings
  • Seminars, Workshops and Conferences

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