Message From The Founder

Prof Pat Utomi


The need for socio-political transformation and values re-orientation in our country is becoming increasingly important in our nation. At the heart of the CVL mission is the elevation of the dignity of the human person, beginning from Nigeria. The sense of a great duty and a big burden to improve the quality of life of young people in Nigeria, by building good values in them, led to the setting up of a Centre for Values in leadership. The idea is to provide young people tools that will improve their quality of life and drastically transform them, such that they become walking blessings to others.

The vehicle for achieving this would be the talents of young men and women who we will train to become leaders by acquiring knowledge and building the character of service in them through initiatives that improve the conditions of others. Since its inception in March 2004 and in keeping with the vision of the founder, Prof Pat Utomi, CVL has been saddled with the responsibility of affecting the evolution of values that can drive human progress by equipping, through social entrepreneurial activities, generations of young Nigerians with values and leadership skills to act as catalysts for rapid improvement of the quality of life in Nigeria. This we have been able to achieve through our well thought out programmes.

Our main thrust is to transform lives. Our programmes over time have therefore been packaged to positively affect our society. Some of the programmes are designed for tertiary school students; others for young professionals and the working class while others are for widows and their children.

Over time, our programmes evolved in many ways. We have the CVL Role Model Forum activities, the CSR Outsourcing, the CVL Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training Centre, the CVL Widows Support Programme, the CVL Annual Lecture Series.

CVL is a radical social enterprise passionately committed to raising self-sacrificing leaders, ready to take on the world. The guiding rule for us is: “Add value wherever you are”. We try to positively affect every sphere around us. What drives us is the passion to bequeath a legacy of service to our generation and coming ones. Hence, the slogan: CVL…A Legacy of Service.

We have been able to achieve quite a good number of these through the support and goodwill of public spirited individuals and corporate organizations. We are disposed to collaborate with organizations ready to join us in this noble mission of transforming lives.