Who we are


CVL is the number one leadership development institute in Nigeria, and our vision is to become the Global Centre of Excellence for Leadership Development.

The Centre for Values in Leadership (CVL) is a not-for-profit organization set up on the March 10, 2004. Our goal is to equip generations of young people with values and leadership skills, which will make them become effective, values-driven leaders that will serve as catalysts for improvement of the quality of life in our society.

Our Vision

To be a global centre of excellence for leadership development.

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between knowledge and results in our society by empowering young people with leadership skills and values to enable them make lasting contributions in our society in the areas of entrepreneurship, business, civil society, community development and public life.

Our Mandate

Shaping our world, one mind at a time.

Our Values

Professionalism, Excellence, Service, Knowledge, Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Team Spirit

Our Commitment

At the heart of the CVL mission is the elevation of the dignity of the human person, beginning from Nigeria. The sense of a great duty and a big burden to improve the quality of life of young people, in our society, by building good values in them, led to the setting up of a Centre for Values in leadership. The idea is to provide young people tools that will improve their quality of life and drastically transform them, such that they become walking blessings to others. The vehicle for achieving that would be the talents of young men and women who we will train to become leaders by acquiring knowledge and building the character of service in them through initiatives that improve the conditions of others.


The Art of Leading Leadership Programme is designed for 3-levels of management staff of corporate organizations based on CVL idea of the “Pedagogy of the Determined”.

Our Core Leadership Programme:

  1. Strategic Leadership Programme (SLP): For Top Level Management (Board of Directors, CEOs/Managing Directors, and other top Directors in an organisation).
  2. Mid-Career LeadershipProgramme (MLP): For Executive or Middle Level Management (Line and Departmental Managers, other Management staff).
  3. Foundations of Leadership Programme (FLP): for Entry-Level or Operative Management (unit Supervisors, Administrative officers, Foremen, and first line Managers, etc.).

The leadership training course is a human capacity building and continuous improvement process aimed at increasing staff ability, efficiency and overall performance for organizational growth.

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Since inception, we have been working towards creating an environment for the enhancement of life of young people. The sense of a great duty and a big burden to improve the quality of life of these young people led to the setting up of a Centre for Values in leadership. To realize this, we have created values-transmission and leadership development programmes targeted at young people which we deliver across Nigeria, primarily from our base in Lagos. Prominent among them are:

  1. CVL Role Model Forum(RMF)
  2. CVL Leader Without Title (LWT) Tribute Colloquium
  3. CVL Young Entrepreneurship Training Programme (YETP)
  4. CVL Widows Support Centre (WSC)
  5. CVL Walk The Talk (WTT)
  6. CVL Senior Executive Networking Sessions (SENS)
  7. CVL Annual Lecture Symposium

Learn about our current and past programs as well as success stories.

To learn more about leadership training for your organisation or to partner with us on programs and initiatives, email info@cvl.com.ng or call +234 8067775533

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