Pat Utomi @ 60 Business Plan Competition

CVL is receiving applications for Pat Utomi @ 60 Business Plan Competition organized in partnership with the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) at Pan Atlantic University. Young entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply – please see flyer for eligibility.

The application form can be downloaded here.


Applications must be received before the 26th January 2016 deadline.



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  1. Can new business start-up/ideas participate? If yes kindly update or generate an application form that will capture that group of people. Thanks.

  2. Your Comment .

    Thanks for the information, though I find it difficult to fill the form and submit. Please kindly help me with it. Thank You

  3. I am a professional shirtmaker with a vision. I am into youth development and empowerment. I have a VISION 2026 to share the knowledge I have and to produce more 5 million shirtmakers that will contribute to the economy of this nation which is what the country needs at the moment. The plan is to start a SHIRTMAKING training school here in Lagos where my business is situated. The bigger picture is to take the training to the 36 states of the federation. Got the information about the competition plan late. Pray I can still be considered for the competition, thanks
    Ajibola Bello

    1. Post
  4. I just learned about this information. It’s a pity the contest has ended. I really would have love to be in the competition.
    I am very innovative, industrious and hardworking. My stage name QueenIdeas was as a result of my numerous brilliant ideas.
    I was paid 150k per month for my first job which I got almost at the end of my service year and my supervisor Mr Nwanze Okonkwo said the reason I was the only one chosen to be on the team among the 10 of us who served in the company was because of my brilliant ideas.
    I have passion for business development especially helping to promote upcoming entrepreneurs who has the skills/talent and are committed to what they are into.

    Please kindly notify me on any business event or competition coming up again, I am very much interested.

    AKA Oluchi Sonia Okwenna

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