CVL Training Approach

The Pedagogy of the Determined

The pedagogy of the determined is about turning the learner from a passive sponge to an activist sharer; with a vision of himself, and his world, in which there is a mutually benefiting, interdependence and a duty to move creation towards its perfection. It compels a view of man that is progressive, ethical, just and entrepreneurial.

In using the pedagogy of the determined approach the participant of the programme will create a vision of himself and that of the organization and then develop a strategy on how to achieve the vision. The individual thinking must align with the organizational thinking and that is only when organisation can make progress

So at the end of each of our training programmes, participants will be able to:

  • Create a vision of themselves and their organization
  • Create a vision of where they and their organization will be tomorrow
  • Know what they will do to achieve the vision
  • Know what they will need to achieve that vision
  • Know what knowledge they will require to achieve the vision
  • Know what environment they need to be to achieve the vision
  • Make their vision align with the organisation’s vision and as such have a thinking process that aligns with the organisation’s thinking
  • Increase their self-awareness and develop a positive approach to issues

Our Training Tools

  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Questionnaire on pre-training engagement
  • Tag-Team Approach (Knowledge and Experiential)
  • Case studies/Experience sharing
  • Experience Panel (Give their perspectives on the evolution of development)
  • Group Discussion/Team Break Out Sessions
  • Storytelling (imagination of journey to the mission)
  • Videos
  • Live cases in chat room
  • Co-consulting
  • Exercises/Role Play
  • Post Online Community engagement
  • Continuous improvement learning

Our Competitive Advantage;

  • Unique teaching approach
  • Faculty drawn from the best brains in teaching and mentoring
  • Competitive programme fees
  • Early bird and CVL Club membership discount applies
  • Group booking discount
  • Serene learning environment

Training Partners

  • Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN)
  • Lumos-Blacque Limited
  • Rome Business School
  • O-Analytics Research And Development Initiative
  • Delta3 International
  • The Art of Living Foundation
  • Employee Energy

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