9th CVL SENS: Highlights

There were many highlights and lessons from the 9th edition of CVL SENS. The theme was: Economic Models for sustained superior performance for NGOs. Clare Shine, Vice President and Chief Program Officer of Salzburg Global Seminar, shared her experiences with participants, discussing the innovative and proactive ways her organisation has remained financially empowered such as using their historic building in Austria as a hotel. There were further engaging and interactive discussions around sustainable business models for non profits.

Visit us on Youtube for the full video from the event at youtube.com/cvlng

CVLSENS9 video highlights

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Role of Social Enterprises as drivers of growth: Limitations of Philanthropy

Notwithstanding United Nations interventions through Sustainable Development Goals, Business As Usual approach in the form of Overseas Development Aid (ODA), conventional philanthropy, etc though important, cannot be enough for the dynamism of emerging countries and continents with incredible innovation potentials. Social enterprises therefore need to strategize how financing capital can be aligned to flow to achieve those goals using different and diverse financial models.

Positive Power of Boards

An engaged Board is absolutely fundamental to the successful operation of enterprises particularly non-for-profit and social enterprises. It is important for social enterprises to identify champions in your community to serve on your board i.e persons who care and believe in your mission and who on a pro bono basis can offer their expertise in diverse roles including mentorship and financial mediation.

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